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Click on the title to learn more about these books. I am working on a new cookbook that features grain free recipes & a daily devotional about the struggle, the giant, and me.

The Sea Glass Hunter

Sea Glass Hunter

How can you be an effective single parent? How can you provide a stable, nourishing environment for your children? What instruction does God give to the single parent? The Sea Glass Hunter: Living a Productive Life as a Christian Single Parent will provide you with peace, motivation and strategy. Most importantly, it will help you prepare a parenting plan.

Healthy Slow Cooker Options

Healthy Slow Cooker Options

Slow cookers are all the rage, and why not? Slow cookers are extremely forgiving; a terrific way to prepare a hot meal that will be ready when you come home; and dinner is a breeze to clean up. The aroma of a delicious dinner that is ready to be served is a great welcome home! Traditional slow cooker recipes can be packed with sodium, sugar, preservatives, and fat. The recipes in this book are healthy, hearty, and delicious (and teenager approved!). As a single mom I strive to serve my children healthy and delicious meals. The recipes in this book are our own, they’ve been tested and perfected, and I’m thrilled to share them with you. Happy slow cooking!

Chasing Sunsets [ebook]

Chasing Sunsets


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