Waiting…be strong and let your heart take courage

flower 4

Photo by K. Davis

Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. (Psalm 27:4)

In a time of waiting it may be difficult to eat right and take care of yourself. You may not realize how long it has been since your last meal, or your last glass of water. Your body may not feel hunger or thirst because adrenaline has overtaken the system. In this time you need to care for yourself first. Yesterday I wrote about the promise of rest that God has given us during a time of waiting. Rest is key for our spiritual, mental, and physical self. Today let’s carry on that self-care with strength and courage. Psalm 27:4 gives us the instruction to be strong and let your heart take courage as you wait.

While you are waiting you need to nourish yourself- spirit and body. Nourish the spirit with sustenance from the Word. I recommend setting a timer to read the Bible several times throughout the day. As you start and end each day spend time in the Word letting God speak directly to your soul. Fuel yourself with prayer and ask others to lift you up in prayer.

Make sure that you eat well and frequently throughout the day so that you can keep your physical strength up. If you are in a physical location where healthy food is not easy to come by plan ahead and bring it with you or ask others to help you by doing so. Keep water with you and drink a lot of it. Keeping yourself hydrated is important to your physical health. Keep green tea, water, and healthy juices on hand so you are able to keep yourself hydrated.


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