Hope from Haggai: Our holiday

Haggai 2 23

Today I learned that the translation of the name Haggai is “my holiday”. Haggai’s message relays how God’s love for us is a true holiday. Haggai’s message changes our perspective, and sometimes a change in our perspective, or our way of thinking, can produce the same rest and change to regroup as a vacation does.

When we exchange our worries for worship anxiety melts away and our brain rests. When we rely on the strong foundation of our relationship with God, and trust His direction for our life, we stop focusing on planning and our mind and soul rest. God provides true rest, He is our Holiday.

Haggai reminds us how to live so that we feel like we are on holiday- rested, renewed and thankful. Haggai helps us understand how to face seemingly insurmountable challenges by holding on to the hope and strength of the God of Armies who lives in us. Haggai reminds us that God is always with us, and the power of the firm foundation we have in Him.

The book of Haggai closes with the Lord of Armies promising to make us like a signet ring because He has chosen us. In the times of Haggai’s writing kings used signet rings to show their authority. A king’s signet ring bore an image unique only to the king. We are unique creations of God, there is no one like us, and we are His signet ring, bearing His authority.

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