Not taking blessings for granted

Nov 6

It is so easy to close our eyes to something that we sometimes we scarcely realize it is happening. We turn the other way from silent sin for fear of offending someone, we take the easy way out because we’re just too tired to make the effort, or we pretend we didn’t hear something so that we don’t have to acknowledge it.

The same goes with gratitude. It becomes so easy to take things for granted that we may no longer consider them to actually be blessings. Today I encourage you to count the blessings. I actually encourage you to write the blessings down so that you can see the sheer number of blessings that showered you in just this one day. Stay alert, recognize and receive the blessings, acknowledge them, and give thanks in diligent prayer.

This exercise is a great way to adjust perspective anytime you realize you have fallen into the habit of taking things for granted.

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