God turns “what if” into “so what”: the 23rd Psalm

Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)

Many of our “what if”s are really fueled by wants. If you remove the fuel, the “want”, the “what if” loses its punch. Without the “what if” you leave the worry zone.

“What if I get passed over for that promotion?” The “want” of the promotion fuels the “what if”. By following the direction of the 23rd Psalm and ceasing the “want”, and trusting God with our future instead, the “what if” disappears.

“What if I disappoint my spouse/family/parents?” The “what if” is fueled by the want for approval. Remove the want, know that you are validated by Jesus, and that no other validation is necessary. Remain accountable, do your best, but don’t be motivated by the approval of others.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by “what if”s remove their food source, the “want”, and they will crumble. The Lord is your shepherd! Rest in the green pastures and let Him lead you to the still waters.

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