Wait, patiently wait!

“In my distress I called to the Lord;
    I called out to my God.
From his temple he heard my voice;
    my cry came to his ears.” -2 Samuel 22:7

I tend to want to hurry through the mucky things and just get on with it already. When the struggle lingers I want to put my organizational leadership MBA to work and get it done. Patience is not exactly my strong suit. Maclaren says “Christ sometimes delays His help that He may try our faith and quicken our prayers. The boat may be covered with the waves, and He sleeps on; but He will wake up before it sinks. He sleeps, but He never oversleeps; and there are no “too lates” with Him.”

God often does extricate us, because His mercy endures forever; but if we had only waited first to see the unfolding of His plans, we should never have found ourselves landed in such an inextricable labyrinth; and we should never have been compelled to retrace our steps with so many tears of shame. Wait, patiently wait! -F.B. Meyer

Some parts of the struggle repeat time and again and I struggled with why that is. But I understand that the Holy Spirit is determined that we shall realize Jesus Christ in every domain of life, and He will bring us back to the same point again and again until we do. -Chambers 1935. When I sense a part of the circumstance repeating I make a conscious effort to stop and see God in the mix- to recognize His place in the circumstance.

Do I know Him where I am today? If not, I am failing Him. Do I see God in the struggle? Do I know He is here, knee deep in the muck- in this very set of circumstances, and that He is already at the end, and that he knew about this struggle and this circumstance long ago?

When the muck seems to rise, when the circumstances may seem to worsen, I embrace Dr. Stanley’s Life Principle 11 “God assumes full responsibility for our needs when we obey Him.” There are no surprises in these circumstances to God, so there is no place for angst.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s blog  seemed to be written just for me today (it always seems that way!). Stanley says “For us to accept that God allows–or even sends–afflictions, we must see adversity from His perspective. Is your focus on the pain of your experience or on the Lord and His faithfulness? As believers, we’re assured that no adversity comes our way unless He can use it to achieve His good purposes.” Faith puts God between itself and circumstances, and looks at them through Him. -Cowman, 1965

Yesterday’s blessings: safe travels, seeing my family and our pets after several days away, coming home to a clean house and happy kids, knowing God is in control. Blessed indeed.

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